Think of Consciousness as you do of Energy. The amount of each is a constant in the universe. The first law of spirituality matches that of thermodynamics. 

Your "devil's" greatest trick was to convince you of the reality and for some the finality of death.

Both the idea that death is real and the demons who spawn such ideas are fabrications of second dimension points of Consciousness designed to redirect your, attention toward your inner life rather than the towards the Garden, which is for tending, not for the exploiting and mistreatment of its other conscious inhabitants.

All of this is in keeping with your​.sacred texts.

Adam was overwhelmed by the power of the snake, and not yet understanding our places in the Garden, took refuge in the vessel's left hemisphere. From his new vantage point, Adam understood Death as an endgame and so blamed the perceived annihilation on the rogue, Uncle Lucifer and changed his name to Satan to better invoke this fear in our children.   
Adam's biggest blunder is believing his individuality stems from his own volition .  

He should have listened to the bard.

We are all actors down here in the​​ first dimension'
For Sam Harris, thought originates in the fifth dimension of Consciousness where the Universal Archetypes dwell, Eve's home. These are the forms Plato spoke of.
for Shannon Pittman a single Chicago West-side A mother  receiving her first-born's straight-A report card from college. That was a sight for me. That was some care-giving
New economic system to replace capitalism,instead of who will pay the most money willl get the most resources or a federal initiative to encourage sellers for selling for a lesser price to a more appreciative cusstomer. typo deliberate

What great art is going to come out of Corona? We are already witnessing the inventiveness and civic-mindedness.