Get a super-clear look of your American Dream through a sparkling window cleaned by an angel.
It's time for your customers to see you again.  Let's give them the clearest view possible on this freshly scrubbed planet. 
Our American Dream Angels built the bridge, now they are here to help you see your dreams spring back to life.
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We should all be so lucky. His survival was based on the premise of "I'm rubber and you're glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. If we speak nicely to one another, it's a win-win for us both. And my thanks to David Bowie, the innovator and originator who first taught Jeff Collins how to land safely.
This is our story, too.
Jeff Collins had incorporated Dream​ Clean six years prior to Field of Dreams release and would not begin constructing The Bridge for another twenty-six years. The producers and Kevin Costner must have caught a glimpse of The Bridge of American Dreams being built in the heavens and then decided to preempt our mission with their ghost story. Ask Justin Kramer, the English teacher and jazz drummmmer about PHP, the second dimension entity who entered through an open door in the m(M)ind of Jeff Collins and began issuing directives for building the Bridge of American Dreams in 2015. No wonder Costner beat Collins to the story.
American Dreams Cleaning COMPANY, inc.
Jeff Collins wants to thank George H.W. Bush for the ADA so he could have his ADA.
click here to watch an ADA at work and make note of the ddouble-entendre
And that's the kind of employee we're looking for
click here to become an ADA if being a merly is not for you. Go Eve's Way to learn more about the merlys
For now, let's just say, a merly takes care of your ass while an American dream angel takes care of your glass.
Now let's not be so crass. A merly offers the very best in caregiving. I paid an arm and a leg for mine.  Perhaps yours will come a lot cheaper.
Until furthur notice, all of our angels are offering to clean windows (free of charge) for downtown Oak Park, IL businesses during these days of reopening.
click here to get to The Bridge of American Dreams where you can begin your trek toward running a franchise in your city.
for the MaryPranksters with a salute to Archetypal Eve.
Here's my proposition! Take a position with ADCC. Window cleaning is fun. Make good money, and it's not hard work, though it can be a hard workout, and the harder your workout as an ADA, you earn more money along with gettting in better shape. Give us all a clearer view of our dreams as an American Dream Angel window cleaner. It's the same as window shopping, except for the preposition.Let me explain, instead of looking through the glass, you are looking at the glass, Auntie Alice, with thanks to Lewis Carroll for his masterpiece.Now it's Bob Dylan's turn along with the Band with RichardManuel who finally found his master peace in the fourth dimension of Consciousness Furthur still, and now still furthur, our thanks to Ken Kesey, a leading guide on this journey. You can earn the $ to buy what's seen whatever the scene wherever you clean. You can have it all on The Bridge of American Dreams with carteblox at American Dreams Cleaning Company.
And subsequently see your masterpiece in the reflection of the window you clean as an American Dream Angel, and achieve the master peace you seek without having to leave this earthly dimension..
And for this strong spirit-slinging Experience, you will learn to swing the Sacred Squeegee. This genieman opts for the gold brass blade of Ettore.
lick hear to c how we work. It beats whistling unless you love to whistle, and ere you have something to whistle at, said Mr. Politically incorrect. 
Who opened the door?  You can see for yourself by learning from Ken Kesey and practicing christ love as taught by Jesus  of Nazareth and carteblox by David Foster Wallace, now a friend of Kurt Hudgens where they sometimes hang out in the fourth dimentianol.
and that story over there > can be  found in The Dimentianol Transmissions, soon to be released in paperback, a long-standing dream of Jeff Collins. He couldn't get the job done so we took his mind away from him and did the work ourselves.
another way to understand Carteblox is to abide by the teachings of Siddharthaa Gautamaa
not here, a click will get you AC/DC for ADCC
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Next, the ADAs will clean Chicago's westside in response to our most recent messes. The Eye is on the Floyd family, and thanks for the alliteration, George.
And here's Scout Finch's father to help us find justice, courtesy of Gregory Peck.
click hereto meet our first merly and American Dream Angel. Crystal, Jovan, and Christian can each give you a brighter view onto your world as well as assist you in the stressors of everyday life. Hire both a merly and an American Dream Angel, and really brighten your dreamscape. postage stamp
Eve's gift
c h ear
for the radio
George McFly knocked out the bully; now it's our turn to do the same for George Floyd.
watch a fictional counterpart of The Bridge of American Dreams.
to listen to the song of the American Dream Angel who will be cleaning your glass with the best of care.
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