He was God's gift to women, and his little self could outrun Byron, Lord Byron's for the crown.  Byron had his poetry, Lang only had me, and I've had forty-nine years to deliver the message.

It's for the women who here here and now to hear it. I have not heard anything of Lang.in over twenty years.

And for anybody for Jeff Collins​​

He wasn't allowed to acknow​ledge that he was in love with a guy during the 70's. And then  disco made it worse.

Bob Lang

Big dic​​k

Big heart

Big ego

Big ​​​love, a treasure worth keeping for another fifty years.
This is my gift to you, travelmate​.
This is my gift to you.

We share everything in Hefner.s cabin.​​
Under construction
Move over, Hugh. There's a new boy in town..

For Joe Greco, Jim Sima, et al.​
They will appreciate the pretension
It was that big ego.  
Hefner's cabin is in similar circumstances, under construction.
Tom Cruise and  Tom Brady want to say hi to Bob Lang. This is from Dizzy.

He.ll see you in his dreams, big boy.​