Cum and be grateful
practicing our motto can thoroughly cleanse each individual's second and fourth chakras.
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this all will clear the pathways allowing for your awakening to the Christ energy already flowing through your being.
All of this opens the gates to the heavenly realms, chakras seven, eight, and nine.
The first word in our motto is predicated upon supreme respect for Eve, and letting go of cultural prejudices.
our motto
Most of mankind's Spiritual Truths beyond The Golden Rule as touted by Jesus of Nazareth are nothing more than ego-based creations driven by fears 
It would behoove mankind particularly well to extend The Golden Rule to include all conscious beings of the planet, and not just Humanity.
The aforementioned fears are primarily the natural by-products of Mankind's misinterpretations of the Sacred Texts, especially those parts which deal with the second chakra with regard to the Garden Snake.
Siddhartha Gautama sits in seventh heaven, the doorway of Heaven by way of Mind.
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